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October 13, 2011
Rockland Enters Agreement for Blue Lake Cu-Ni-PGM Mining Lease, Labrador Trough, Qu├ębec

September 27, 2011
Rockland Starts Field Program at Schefferville Gold Property, Québec

September 15, 2011
Rockland Discovers Widespread Gold at Rusty Acres, Schefferville Gold Property, Québec

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Project - Schefferville Gold Property

Rusty Acres 2011 Summer Gold Sampling Program

Rusty Acres Gold Samples Map

Rusty Acres Sampling Database

Rusty Acres 2011 Magnetic Survey

Field Mapping Program
(Click here to download PDF)
Rusty Acres Mag Survey

Arséne and Rusty Acres Compilation

  Arséne and Rusty Acres Historical Compilation
Arséne and Rusty Acres‐‐Surface Gold Showings Proposed High‐Resolution Heli‐Mag Survey

Geological Maps and New Staking

Geological Map

2009 - 2010 Diamond Drilling

New Rockland Staking


The gold property is made up of claims in NE Quebéc, near the town of Schefferville. The Schefferville Gold property is located in the Ashuanipi Metamorphic Complex, to the immediate west of the prolific Labrador Trough. Gold found in this area is in association with sulphides in silicate iron formations. These gold-bearing iron formations, unknown prior to 1985 have been underexplored to date.

Location Map

Location Map


To date Rockland has received encouraging results from its sampling and drilling programs. Recent drilling points to the presence of widespread gold mineralization on the property that could possibly be amenable to bulk tonnage exploitation from the surface.  Rockland completed a 1,525 meter, 12 hole diamond drill program during the fall of 2010, and Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. carried out an 800 metre, 8 hole diamond drilling program during the summer of 2009.  Data from both drilling campaigns has been integrated into a master database which can be downloaded below.  Graphical illustrations of the significant gold intercepts are  also provided below.

Rockland Master Database

Rockland Graphical Illustrations of Au Intercepts

Drill Highlights

Table 1--Highest Gold Values
Rockland/Western Troy--2009-2010*
Table 2--Longest Anomalous Gold Intercepts
Rockland/Western Troy--2009-2010*
Hole starting from intercept length Au
Number (metres) (metres) g/t
WT09-04 53.85 m 2.03 metres 10.21 g/t Au
RL10-17 57.30 m 1.10 metres 9.92 g/t Au
RL10-17 11.45 m 1.20 metres 6.63 g/t Au
WT09-04 57.91 m 2.02 metres 5.93 g/t Au
WT09-02 25.40 m 1.01 metres 2.43 g/t Au
RL10-13 146.50 m 4.80 metres 1.03 g/t Au
RL10-16 113.50 m 1.00 metres 1.09 g/t Au
WT09-03 5.79 m 1.92 metres 1.21 g/t Au

starting from intercept length


Number (metres) (metres) g/t
WT09-04 40.39 m 19.50 metres 2.23 g/t Au
RL10-17 11.45 m 8.25 metres 1.24 g/t Au
RL10-17 49.70 m 12.55 metres 1.05 g/t Au
WT09-02 22.35 m 3.04 metres 0.957 g/t Au
RL10-13 145.30 m 9.50 metres 0.611 g/t Au
RL10-18 9.40 m 4.38 metres 0.285 g/t Au
WT09-05 44.20 m 21.81 metres 0.227 g/t Au
RL10-18 35.43 m 6.50 metres 0.223 g/t Au
RL10-10 101.48 m 16.02 metres 0.202 g/t Au
WT09-06 30.47 m 10.10 metres 0.153 g/t Au
WT09-03 4.57 m 6.58 metres 0.145 g/t Au
RL10-14 33.55 m 17.30 metres 0.136 g/t Au
WT09-04 25.38 m 9.09 metres 0.117 g/t Au
WT09-06 44.70 m 21.26 metres 0.094 g/t Au

* Note: this is an area of complex structural geology.  In all cases, sample
lengths shown here are core lengths only, and not necessarily true lengths.

Drill Map

Surface Sampling Highlights

Gold Discovery Model

The mineralization is believed to be hosted within and adjacent to thin, Algoma-type banded iron formations lying in a metasedimentary graywacke sequence which is now complexly folded and metamorphosed to the upper amphibolite to granulite facies.  Rockland believes that the iron-rich units trapped gold mineralization mobilized during devolitalization of sedimentary rocks, deep within the roots of an orogenic zone, and that the Ashuanipi arsenic-gold occurrences were formed near the brittle-ductile crustal transition, in the root zones of an Abitibi-type system as postulated by E.M. Cameron of the Geological Survey of Canada in 1989. 

Rockland will focus on these mafic rocks and look for remobilization and concentration of gold-arsenic values in their contact zones and in later shear zones cutting favourable horizons.

Rockland has an open mind about the nature of this gold occurrence and will prospect for the best zones using structural geology and ground geophysics.  Drilling has returned broad intercepts of highly anomalous gold in drill holes widely scattered over a zone that stretches more than 2 kilometres north-south (Table 2).  Within these broad envelopes of disseminated gold, the drilling intercepted many "sweet spots" of higher grade gold values (Table 1).  Rockland believes that continued exploration will expand these zones of higher grade, and that many of the low-grade envelopes discovered in the drilling are within typical cutoff grades currently being used worldwide.

Geology, History and Claim Maps

The Precambrian Superior Province in Quebéc's western Abitibi region hosts some of the world's best mesothermal gold deposits, hosted in rocks typically affected by greenschist to ambhibolite grade metamorphism.  Archean gold occurrences in higher-grade settings have received much less attention, and Rockland Minerals is concentrating on the 2.7 Ga upper amphibolite to granulite facies metamorphic rocks of Québec's eastern Superior Province, immediately adjacent to the younger rocks of the Labrador Trough. The strong arsenic-gold mineralization in these high-grade metamorphic rocks, overlooked by most companies since its discovery in the 1980's, is the last remaining strong arsenic-gold anomaly area in Québec that has not been seriously explored in this current metals cycle. 

The gold in the Ashuanipi district, located very close to infrastructure at the town of Schefferville, and is strongly associated with arsenopyrite.  This mineralization was discovered in the mid-1980's through sophisticated lake-bottom geochemical surveys in support of mineral exploration and development done by the Québec government.  Gold mineralization in this area had lain hidden up until that time, because its finely disseminated nature did not favour development of placer gold nuggets at the surface.

Only one wave of drilling was done in the Ashunaipi district, in the late 1980's, by Iron Ore Company of Canada, and by a joint venture between Québec juniors Vior and Mazarin.  Hemlo Gold took a land position in 1992-93 but did not do any additional drilling. The significant gold was found in the first round of drilling in the late 1980's  was not economic at the time, the Rockland/Western Troy drilling is the first new activity to be carried out in this highly prospective district during the current gold cycle. 

Northern Claims

Southern Claims


On June 15, 2011, Rockland acquired a 55% interest in the Schefferville Gold Property by completing $800,000 in exploration work, making cash payments totalling $60,000 and issuing 600,000 common shares to Western Troy Capital Resources Inc to complete the earn-in. Upon earn-in Rockland and Western Troy Capital Resources Inc formed a joint venture with Rockland having a 55% interest in the property and Western Troy Capital Resources Inc having a 45% interest. Many of these JV claims are contiguous to Rockland’s claims in the camp, optioned from E.D. Black in 2009. The E.D. Black option agreement allows Rockland to earn 100% interest by completing $1.3 million in property work expenditures over a five-year period as follows: $30,000 on or before December 31, 2010, $270,000 on or before December 31, 2011, $300,000 on or before December 31, 2012, $300,000 on or before December 31, 2013 and $400,000 on or before December 31, 2014.